Historians Already Sick of Obama Presidency


Uh, dude, Superman is WHITE.The same mincing gaggle of Presidential Historians who impotently declared George W. Bush the Worst President Ever -- which did exactly nothing to prevent him from serving a full eight years in the White House -- have now decided uppity president-elect Barack Obama is a wildy presumptuous fantasist because he has referenced the godlike mustache-free Illinois president who caused the Civil War, Abe "Lincoln Logs" Lincoln.

The problem, according to the whiners at Politico, is that nutcase Obama isn't referencing the usual second-rate nobody presidents favored by Ronald Reagan (who loved to compare himself to the socialist FDR) and Bill Clinton (who told everybody he was the second "cumming" of JFK and Thomas Jefferson, combined).

Obama's frequent invocations of Abraham Lincoln — a man enshrined in myth and marble with his own temple on the National Mall — would not at first blush say much about his own instincts for modesty or self-effacement.

And now there are early rumblings of a backlash to Obama's ostentatious embrace of all things Lincoln, with his not-so-subtle invitations to compare the 44th president to the 16th, the "Savior of the Union."

So now all these Historians hate Barack Obama, who is sure to be America's worst black president, so far.

Straw Man? Historians say Obama is no Lincoln [Politico]


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