Donald Trump Dances About Architecture

Nice to see he's keeping busy when he's not sabotaging coronavirus relief.

As his attempts to overturn the election continue to fail, and with the pandemic still getting worse, Donald Trump took a couple of ineffectual steps recently to shore up his Culture Wars cred. Last Friday, he appointed a bunch of people to his "1776 Commission," a little project aimed at teaching American History the Right way, with appropriate worship of the Founders and all the greatest American heroes, plus a paragraph each for Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, but not too much, lest the 1619 Project poison kids' minds. Then, on Monday, Trump finally issued his big executive order declaring that architecture for federal buildings must be "beautiful," and in the neoclassical style whenever possible. Ultimately, neither is likely to amount to a hill of beans, but the important thing is the gesture to rightwing culture warriors, just like how we're now safe to say "Merry Christmas" again without being shot on sight.

Don't you feel more patriotic already?

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Nice Time

Nice Time! Statue Of American Hero Barbara Johns To Replace Racist Traitor In US Capitol

It’s about damn time.

Noted traitor and professional war loser Robert E. Lee is no longer welcome in the US Capitol. Lee's statue was removed from the building's crypt Monday morning. The "but our (white) history!" crowd should content themselves with the knowledge that Lee's statue will go commit treason on a farm upstate or, more accurately, the Virginia Museum of History & Culture.

House Reps. David McEachin and Jennifer Wexton from Virginia released a joint statement Monday declaring the removal of Lee's statue a "historic and long-overdue moment for our Commonwealth."

From Politico:

"The Robert E. Lee statue honors a legacy of division, oppression, and racism — a dark period in the history of our Commonwealth and our country," they said. "There is no reason his statue should be one of the two representing Virginia in the U.S. Capitol."

Lee was a garbage human being who separated enslaved families when not beating them into submission — or more like ordered them beaten. He was too lazy for even that amount of physical labor.

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2020 presidential election

It's A Denial-Filled Sunday Show Rundown!

We watch the Sunday shows so you never have to.

MAGA chuds, racists, transphobes and general scumbags are having a really tough time since Election Day. Just this weekend alone, delusional die-hard idiots were in Washington DC to once again cry about an election they lost, threaten to secede and start a new Civil War, and wear kilts to show their unwashed asses as they tore Black Lives Matter banners from historical black churches.

You know, "patriot" shit.

Exemplifying their state of denial was Republican House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Scalise still wouldn't call Joe Biden the President-elect:

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History Facts

Sorry, GOP, You’re The Party Of President Klan Robe Now, Not Lincoln

You have nothing in common with Lincoln or the brave 19th Century Black Republicans.

Kevin McCarthy, the moron who might become House Speaker in a couple years, released a video Saturday with Tim Scott, the junior senator from South Carolina, where they celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first Black American’s admission into Congress.

Modern Republicans insist on calling themselves the Party of Lincoln, although they have little in common with the great emancipator, either politically or morally. Ted “Wolfman” Cruz grew a beard this year, but that doesn’t change the fact that the current GOP is a pack of neo-Confederate frauds with limited interest in a democracy that actively involves Black people.

It's especially odious now when most Republicans, including McCarthy, are refusing to acknowledge the presidential election results because they don’t like the outcome. McCarthy recently, as in just the other day, supported a despotic effort to have the Supreme Court toss out millions of legally cast ballots because the “wrong” (i.e. Black) people had voted for Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump. That antidemocratic stunt will rank up there with the November 9, 1860 resolution from the Southern states to declare Abraham Lincoln’s election a “hostile act."

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