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Princeton Finally Realizes Woodrow Wilson Was Racist POS

University removes Wilson’s name from places of honor.

Princeton University announced this weekend that it's removing noted racist crackpot President Woodrow Wilson's name from its public policy school and one of its residential colleges, where presumably some Black students live. Princeton's board voted in 2016 to keep the 28th president's name on campus buildings and programs, despite student protests, so this is four years and a few dozen dead Black people late. But it's something.

Princeton's president, Christopher L. Eisgruber, released a statement acknowledging that Wilson wasn't just racist “for his time" -- a cop-out statement that diminishes the victims of racism at that time -- but was exceptionally racist.

Wilson's racism was significant and consequential even by the standards of his own time. He segregated the federal civil service after it had been racially integrated for decades, thereby taking America backward in its pursuit of justice. He not only acquiesced in but added to the persistent practice of racism in this country, a practice that continues to do harm today.

Wilson's segregationist policies make him an especially inappropriate namesake for a public policy school. When a university names a school of public policy for a political leader, it inevitably suggests that the honoree is a model for students who study at the school. This searing moment in American history has made clear that Wilson's racism disqualifies him from that role. In a nation that continues to struggle with racism, this University and its school of public and international affairs must stand clearly and firmly for equality and justice.
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Culture Wars

SD Gov. Kristi Noem Vows No ​Ruffians Shall Pull Down Mount Rushmore

Will also save Christmas, stop Lex Luthor from stealing 40 cakes.

With everything the Right loves most under threat these days, from murderous cops to statues of slavery defenders, it's good to know that some people are willing to promise they'll protect things that aren't really under any threat at all. Take South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem — please! On Twitter yesterday, Noem vowed to make darn sure the politically correct crowd will never, ever blow up the presidential faces carved into Mount Rushmore, so THERE. Not surprisingly, she made that solemn vow in response to the usual load of Twitter twaddle (Twittle?) from Ben Shapiro, who regularly frets about worst case scenarios in the culture wars. (If tweets are still messed up, please click the blue bird for "video" and also "whatnot.")

WJW-TV in Cleveland took pains to note that "It's unclear if there is any mounting pressure to have Mount Rushmore destroyed or how that would be accomplished."

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White Nonsense

Just Look At This Fool Talking About Aunt Jemima At Trump’s AZ Klan Rally

White people, collect your representative.

Tuesday, at Donald Trump's hate rally in Arizona, Reagan Escudé said words that were dumb and racist. Escudé already lost a job after she claimed on social media that Black Lives Matter is hypocritical because the movement doesn't protest abortion clinics. Now the Louisiana native is upset that “cancel culture" has ruined the Black life of Aunt Jemima, who does not exist.

ESCUDE: Aunt Jemima was canceled. And if you didn't know, Nancy Green, the original, first Aunt Jemima, she was the picture of the American dream. She was a freed slave who went on to be the face of the pancake syrup that we love and we have in our pantries today.

Random white girl here suggests that the “picture of the American dream" included slavery. That was never a “dream." It was an American nightmare. Nancy Green technically wasn't the “original, first Aunt Jemima." In 1889, newspaper editor Chris L. Rutt attended a minstrel show in St. Joseph, Missouri, where a stupid white man performed the song, “Old Aunt Jemima," while wearing an apron and a red bandana on his head. Yes, the original Aunt Jemima was a blackface drag act.

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History Facts

Dinesh D'Souza Sad People Aren't Shot For Throwing Paint On Statues Like They Are In India

India has only executed nine people in the last 30 years.

Convicted-but-laughably-pardoned felon Dinesh D'Souza is very fond of making up his own facts. He's made a living making up his own facts or just being stupidly wrong, particularly about history. If I had to list all of the historical things Dinesh D'Souza has been wrong about, I would be making lists for a long time. Just assume he's wrong about everything.

In keeping with that tradition, D'Souza—furious over someone throwing some paint on a statue of George Washington—tweeted on Sunday that, if someone were to douse a statue with paint in India, that person would be shot. As if, you know, that was the kind of thing he'd really like to see done here.

Weird flex, but OK.

Given that no one was injured in the painting of the statue, most of us would consider that a peaceful protest. Unless your idea of a peaceful protest is just "something that doesn't bother anyone or make any kind of statement whatsoever, and is, ideally, completely ineffective."

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