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Ahmaud Arbery’s Killer Would Prefer Court Not Remind Jury He’s A Gross Racist

His request should piss you off.

Georgia father-son lynching duo Gregory and Travis McMichael are on trial for the senseless murder of Ahmaud Arbery. When your fate is up to a jury of your less homicidal peers, you try to set a good impression. You show up every day in a suit. You don't giggle randomly during testimony. And if you're Travis McMichael, you don't want the jury knowing how much of an obvious racist you are.

McMichael and his attorneys have asked that the court ban from use as evidence at trial a photo of his license plate, which bears the Confederate emblem. The Confederacy lasted all of four years more than 150 years ago, but these losers can't abandon the cause.

Newsweek reports:

The vanity plate is described as showing the old flag from the state of Georgia—out of use since 2001—that incorporates the Confederate battle flag. McMichael's attorneys argued that using the photo of his plate as evidence is "not relevant and is prejudicial."

McMichael's choice in vanity plates is extremely relevant. He's 34 years old. Georgia replaced its state flag after much debate 20 years ago when he was barely in high school. He's deliberately made open defiance of racial progress a part of his identity. It's fair for us to judge him for this.

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NC Democrat Compares MAGA To The Klan Because It’s True

Here’s some history that’s relevant for today.

Charles Graham is a Democratic state assemblyman in North Carolina. He's currently running to represent the state's Ninth Congressional District in the US House. The ninth district is a rare example of actual election fraud. In 2018, Republican Mark Harris narrowly defeated Democrat Dan McGready by less than half a percentage point. It was probably even less than that because of all the confirmed ballot fraud by GOP operatives. A new election was held in September 2019 with a new Republican candidate, Dan Bishop, after Harris dropped out. Bishop won the battle of the Dans and easily won re-election last November by 11 points.

So, what chance does Graham have against Bishop next year? We think a pretty good one, after watching his campaign launch video.

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Seriously, What's The Deal With ‘Manifest Destiny Jesus’?

Confronting the insidious myth of a white supremacist savior.

The mainstream image of Jesus Christ is a pasty white guy. He doesn't even have much of a tan. Yes, J.J. painted a Black Jesus in an episode of "Good Times" and Madonna might have hooked up with a Black Jesus in her "Like a Prayer" video, but Jesus is usually presented as a blonde surfer dude, who the disciples might've nicknamed “Moondoggie."

When I was a child, family members would point out the Bible verse that described Jesus as having hair like wool and “feet like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace" (i.e. a dark brown complexion like someone from the Middle East). This didn't wear down my religious skepticism, because a Jesus of any other shade is still a scam. It's like when a corporation makes its CEO a woman or a man of color without actually changing any of its awful policies.

I've been contemplating the conflicting images of blonde surfer Jesus and Soul Brother Jesus after watching the Seattle-area documentary Manifest Destiny Jesus from filmmakers Josh Aaseng, Daemond Arrindell, and T. Geronimo Johnson, who also serves as narrator. Aaseng and Arrindell met author Johnson in 2017 when they adapted his novel Welcome to Braggsville to the stage. I know Aaseng from our time at Seattle's Book-It Repertory Theatre, where he was literary manager and later associate artistic director. He adapted and directed an amazing version of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five in 2015. Aaseng's a white guy from Montana, but he nonetheless questioned the popular conception of Jesus as white.

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History Facts

Texas Passes Another Critically Stupid Law Banning Kids From Learning That Racism Exists

Here’s where you can stuff your ‘civics training course.'

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed another terrible bill into law Friday, this time with less fanfare than the state GOP's draconian abortion ban and voter suppression law. This one combats the imaginary scourge of "critical race theory," which has become a rightwing umbrella term for any discussion of racism in American schools.

Educators and advocacy groups opposed this new law but Abbott doesn't listen to medical experts about COVID-19 so why should he listen to a history teacher about history?

The crap law prohibits teaching "certain concepts about race," presumably that racism existed and still exists as an institutionalized part of American society and its criminal justice system. Yeah, that's just crazy talk. The law develops a "civics training course" for educators, so they'll have the skills necessary to, we guess, teach students how to bark the Pledge of Allegiance on command like gifted and talented seals. Schools are mostly barred from giving credit to students for any advocacy work. Here's the kicker: The law "urges educators to teach only that slavery and racism are 'deviations' from the founding principles of the United States."

At this rate, Texas schoolchildren will wonder why Martin Luther King was dreaming at all. He should have just formed a singing group with John Lewis.

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