Hit Parade: Back Again

The Hit Parade ranks stories other people tuned into. Chart placement is determined by mentions on "The Daily Show," Google news, reader suggestions and our whim. Arrows indicate movement since last week.

1. Deadliest day in Iraq since the start of, uhm, what is it we're doing there again?

2. Hillary Clinton "looks for common ground" with abortion foes. '08 never seemed so soon.

3. Another pundit turns up on admin payroll. Three's a trend.

4. Democrats take stand against Rice nomination. Futile, misguided, doomed stand.

5. "Fahrenheit 9/11" shut out of Oscar noms. Hollywood more craven than liberal.

6. FCC Michael Powell resigns. Chickenshit. (Can we say that now?)

7. Social security fight gets dirty as anonymous calls egg voters to protest "Wall Street slot machine."

8. Location of Iraq polling places kept secret, just like in America.

9. Superbowl half-time show to be completely inoffensive. Unless you like music.

10. SpongeBob not gay. . . not straight either. No, really.


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