Hit Parade: Iraq, Sarin, Budget Edition

The Hit Parade ranks stories other people tuned into. Chart placement is determined by Drudge bulletins, Slate columns, and our whim. Arrows indicate movement since last week.

↑ 1.Washington Post rolls out fresh details of detainee abuse, NBC reports the Delta Force is under similar investigations, U.S. denies attack of wedding in Iraq.

↓ 2. Sarin found in Iraq. Conservatives grasp at WMD straw, but the chemical agent is dust in the wind.

↓ 3. Predicting defeat, Republicans postpone budget vote. You probably weren't paying attention anyway.

↓ 4. At 9/11 hearings, Giuliani'shecklers drowned out by lavish praise. Commissioners who love too much?

↑ 5.Blair stands tall after protesters take a powder. Where were you the day the purple condoms fell?

↑ 6. Record oil prices get political coverage as Americans feel the pain at the pump. Didn't we go to war to stop this?

↓ 7. GAO rules Medicare video releases are illegal. Fake reporters lose credibility.

↑ 8.HastertsaysMcCain isn't Republican enough. Liberal press wets self.

↑ 9.Dowd to publishBushworld. Release timed for convention coverage: Prom queen goes to summer camp.

↓ 10.Russertpulls a Powell, yet whines for days about interviewing a palm tree.


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