Hit Parade: Retroactive Conclusion Edition

1. KE04 goes on the offensive against Swift Boat Veterans for Truth with new ad, demands to recall book associated with the group. Fighting the good fight or prolonging a losing battle? [AP, Scotsman]

2. Retiring Nebraska congressman tells constituents that he has "reached the conclusion, retrospectively" that "it was a mistake" to invade Iraq. [NYT]

3. Rummy says not-quite-yet-functional missile defense system is a triumph "over pessimism and skepticism." [AFP]

4. McCain to play larger role in BC04 campaign. No words as to whether his "black" child is also welcome. [Reuters]

5. Hamas members arrested in U.S. on racketeering charges; 8 arrested in London over conspiracy to bomb American financial centers. Everyone feels safer now. [ABC, Guardian]

6. Conservative politician calls for boycott of the Boss; GOP scrapes together lame line up for the convention. [NYP, Newsday]

7. New overtime rules to take effect Monday; most people too confused to take firm stand on the issue. [Inquirer]

8. Army probe finds that general broke rules when he told church crowd that the United States was fighting "Satan." [Chicago Sun-Times]

9. Crisis continues Najaf; Americans focus on American Idol tryouts. [AP]

10. Front porch-gate: Kerry front-porch gatherings sometimes not on a front porch. [NYT]


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