Hit Parade: Wonkette's Guide to What Stories You Danced to Last Week

We march to the beat of our own drummer at Wonkette, but we realize that some people listen to the news. The Hit Parade ranks stories other people tuned into. Chart placement is determined by mentions on "The Daily Show," references by Washington Journal callers, reader suggestions (well, for next time . . . ) and our whim. Arrows indicate movement since last week.

1. Photos of military coffins released, Koppel to read names of fallen. Deadliest month yet.

2. Fightingwords from Kerry over medals flap. Only the beginning.

3. Cheney and Supreme Court. Wake me for the verdict.

4. BremercriticizedBush on terror pre-9/11. Old news hits now.

5. Gorelick under pressure to testify; Bushdisappointed DOJ released documents to raise partisan fervor. Not sexy enough.

6. Clintonmemoir scheduled for June. Prepare for blitz.

7. Hagel, Rangel call for draft, Rumsfeld doubts need. Not before November.

8. Dean in talks to host TV talk show; Sharpton seems likely to join CNBC. They're back.

9. Analysis of Condi's husband remark signals end of story.

10. TeresaNewsweek cover goes nowhere.


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