He will play you a tune on his harmonica, thoughPoor sad ex-TGI Friday's gay romancer and New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey is so poor that he lives on cat food and canned beans, so he cannot spare any wooden nickles from his bindle for his betrayed former wife who "should have known he was gay" when she married him.

McGreevey earned a mere $429,000 in 2006 and $185,000 in 2007. This is why he is too poor to pay alimony to Dina Matos McGreevey or his other ex-wife, with whom he also fathered a child.

The former governor is expected to take his hobo act on the road, singing "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" from the backs of freight trains in order to cover his extensive legal fees. He will also perform sex acts at middlebrow chain restaurants for money.

Gay ex-governor: I'm too poor to pay alimony [AP]


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