Holding Their Horses

* This country will not insure sick children no matter the economic situation or political context. It's simply a matter of principle. [New York Times]

* Cheney's feeling like he doesn't quiet have enough spying power. [Washington Post]

* Bush will discuss four things in his State of the Union speech, and just four. [The Hill]

* Congressional Republicans are trying their hardest not to repulse the entire American electorate in an election year. [Roll Call]

* Black people might not vote for Barry Obama because they know white people won't. [Politico]

* A jackass gains as a moron exits. [Washington Times]

* All the fancy rich elite Illuminati at Davos are pretty much embarrassed for the United States. [IHT]

* Which makes sense, considering that poor white Americans can't even wear their Republican costumes in public these days. [NYT]

* Tourists shouldn't videotape the various Washington landmarks because that's terrorism. [Washington Post]

* Crazy as it seems, tonight's GOP debate will put Florida in the presidential spotlight. [Sun Sentinel]

* If Indiana can stop old people from voting, maybe the Supreme Court can stop all old people from voting. {AP/MSNBC]

* Rudy Giuliani's Florida Strategy really worked: He's in third place. [Miami Herald]

* But all the GOP candidates literally want to beat the shit out of Mitt Romney, because everybody just hates him. [NYT]


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