Holiday Horror Stories: Tell Us Why Your Family Is THE WORST


Are you having a nice Merry Thanksgiving? Cooking up all those delicious Thanksgiving recipe hub recipes what we made for you to make? Watching some beers, drinking some sportsball with your nearest and dearest? Maybe you are, and good for you! In which case, what are you doing here? Go away and be with your family, sheesh.

But maybe you are having the holiday from hell. Crazy Uncle's ranting about King Obummer -- again. Mom's passive-aggressively wondering when you're going to finally get a haircut and a real job and a nice spouse and 2.3 kids. The kids don't write, they don't call, and they definitely don't help with the clean-up.

If that's you, tell us all about it. Share your WORST. THANKSGIVING. EVER! stories with us. We're here to help. We're here to listen. Or at least we'll be back to read all about it later when we're done gettin' our holiday weekend on. The person who tells the best worst story gets a prize. Maybe. But no, it's not therapy.


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