Homeland Security Bureaucrats Moving To Lunatic Asylum

You'll all be quite comfortable at Arkham Sanitarium - WonketteThose crazy numbskulls at the Department of Homeland Security are finally being moved to a mental hospital -- all of them, forever! Sadly, the move will not begin until 2011, when America is nothing but a massive smoldering ruin. In a bold admission of the absolute incompetence that defines DHS, officials suspect it will take at least three years to complete the move.

St. Elizabeth's has a long history of housing the government's most dangerous lunatics:

Established in 1855 as the Government Hospital for the Insane, St. Elizabeths Hospital has had a distinguished history in the treatment of the mentally ill. The Hospital's early mission, as defined by its founder, the leading mental health reformer Dorothea Dix, was to provide the "most humane care and enlightened curative treatment of the insane of the Army, Navy, and District of Columbia."
DHS has plan for new HQ in lunatic asylum [UPI]

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