Homeland Security in Their Masculinity

terrorists_hate_tulipsThe Wonkette interior design operative writes with a description of your tax dollars at work:

    My friend and I were just [4/24] in the Knoll store on M and 18th for the annual sale where the floor models in this SUPER expensive store are half priced. While looking at a tulip chair behind the order desk (no, I'm really NOT gay), and being basically ignored by the Euro trash clientele and haughty floor staff we overheard the receptionist setting up a delivery for the Department of Homeland Security. It sounded like a fairly large order and she said it was going to the Department of Homeland Security more than once.
Comments our operative: "Department Homeland Security. . . or Department of Homo-Fabulousness!" Oh, please, a taste for design porn fetish objects doesn't make you gay. (Unless you're into those fruity tulip chairs. . . might as well start chatting men up about their "pretty faces.") And what with Pottery Barn not returning any administration official's calls. . .

Powell and Pottery Barn [Wonkette]


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