It was another day of thuggery on the Iowa campaign trail as Michele Bachmann's remaining followers mercilessly booed and taunted a sad gay robot. The pudgy homosexual android just wanted to make a case for itself, but the slob wingnuts just chanted BOOOOO because that's how they "cure homosexuality." Speaking of pudgy gay robots, has anyone seenMarcus Bachmann lately?

In many ways, this is the precious story of Christmas all over again: The sad outsider only wants shelter from the Iowa cold, and also to heckle a demon (Michele Bachmann), but there's "no room at the sports bar" for this mother of god:

Here's some more heartwarming Gay Iowa Robot video, from outside the manger:

Hark the herald angels sing, glory to our robot king, peace on Earth, good will towards gays, God gave Marcus Bachmann AIDS. [NY Daily News]


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