* The good news is, Gonzo and Karl are both gone. The bad news is, Bush gets to make decisions on his own for the next 18 months. [NYT]

* If sex with an anonymous partner in an airport bathroom is wrong, then we don't want to be right. [WP]

* Mitt Romney distances himself from Craig because he's worried he'll catch the gay if he stands too close. [Politico]

* The military just took like 2 seconds to take a piss, literally turned its back for just 2 seconds, and now what a total fucking mess. [NYT]

* The main problem with the surge is that it hasn't send Lindsey Graham to Iraq often enough. [WP]

* John Edwards wants you to know that when Hillay Clinton takes money from many of the same donors John Edwards takes money from, she doesn't know it's a bad thing. [The Hill]


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