Honor Among Thieves

* Scooter begins serving 2 1/2-year prison sentence. Ha, just kidding. That would be crazy. [WP, LAT]

* Bush didn't talk to Justice about Libby, not that he doesn't have full confidence in Gonzo or anything. [NYT]

* The formation of a new global crime syndicate is now complete. [WP]

* Didn't realize these two were still married. [WP]

* Republicans go to ropes course, do team building exercises. [Roll Call]

* Who knew getting to mail shit for free would turn into such a huge perk. [Roll Call]

* Another veteran may be forced to turn to government payouts just to barely scrape by. [LAT]

* George's legacy: maybe, just maybe, the next president might not be a total fucking idiot. [Politico]

* Whoops. [The Hill]


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