Honorable John McCain Almost Promised To Die At End Of First Term

Because John McCain cherishes service above self, he almost took a vow to live out but one term as president before manfully expiring in 2012. You see, last year when he was losing horribly, he was so deeply unpopular within his own party that the only way Republicans could stomach supporting him was if they had some assurance they'd be rid of him as quickly as possible. But then old WALNUTS! had to go and not make his Selfless Vow, because he is a venal politician like all the others, interested in living and things.

Campaign advisers said that, as they discussed the merits of the pledge, the drawbacks were obvious: it might tie McCain’s hand with Congress. It would certainly raise the profile of his heir apparent and vice presidential nominee, who would be treated as a de-facto presidential candidate for McCain’s entire term. And it would draw attention to his age.

But at the time, the benefits were judged to be equally as powerful: his finance team loved it; it would call more attention to the political opportunism of his opponents, Republicans and Democrats. It would free him from having to spend the last two years of his presidency running for re-election; it would send an unmistakable message that McCain intended to be a different kind of president. One Republican close to the campaign said: “It would have been the most selfless act in modern American politics.”

So of course he didn't take any pledges of any sort, because he started winning, the end.

Exclusive: McCain Almost Took "One-Term" Pledge [Marc Ambinder]


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