Honorable Politician Located!

He's a politician, yet he has personal valor! - WonketteMost national politicians are too old or too homosexual to qualify for U.S. military service, but a shadowy group called Operation Yellow Elephant has taken on the "hard work" of finding pro-war pols who are young enough, straight enough and honorable enough to actually fight the wars they support.

And they've found one!

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Arizona State Rep Jonathan L. Paton (R, District 30), age 35, a First Lieutenant and intelligence officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, volunteered to serve in Iraq even though he faces a Primary Election September 12, five days before he reports to Fort Benning, GA, for training and deployment.
Arizona State Rep. Jonathan Paton: A Credible National Leader for America [Operation Yellow Elephant]

Republican Backs His Stand on Iraq by Deploying [New York Times]


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