Honorariest Homo for America

doesnthelookconfusedabouthissexualityNational Review anglophilic dandy opera-lover John Derbyshire handily won the Wonkette/Boi from Troy Honorary Homo Wildcard Poll:

John Derbyshire 42%

Sen. Norm Coleman 22.3%

Tori Clarke 7.1%

John Ashcroft 5.4%

Karl Rove 5.4%

Sen. Trent Lott 5.4%

But then again, Rob at TRL has been building an internet-based grassroots campaign for Derbyshire, imploring readers, "Get thee to the Boi's poll and click one for the Derb!" Clearly, the Derb is the Howard Dean of honorary homos, set to ride a Meetup-driven surge to win the BFT/Wonkette Honorariest Homo Poll over the weekend.

Just don't fuck this up with a scream, John. Not unless it's something like, "Clutch the pearls, Mary!"

Honorariest Homo: Who is the gayest-seeming of the bunch? [Boi From Troy]

Derbyshire Wins! [TRL]

John Derbyshire's Home Page [Olimu.com]


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