watergate.jpgOh, Harper's. We've bitched that new editor Roger Lodge Hodge had sullied your good reputation by turning your confusing and labyrinthine website into a common and degraded "blog," but if you keep letting Ken Silverstein throw anything he wants up there, we'll forgive you. Especially because Silverstein yesterday dug a little deeper into that Wall Street Journal piece that combined two of our favorite things: Congressional corruption and hookers.

Silverstein found contractor Brent Wilke's (and therefore Duke Cunningham's) limo service of choice (Shirlington Limousine and Transportation -- run by an ex-con, natch), and drops some tantalizing hints as to the other members of Congress under investigation for availing themselves of professional companionship. We're looking for former (and current?) members of the Defense and Intelligence committees. And "one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post" (Shirlington, of course, is DHS contractor).

Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings suggests Mr. Porter Goss (oh please please please please).

House Intelligence and Armed Services Committee members who've received money from Wilkes include Peter Hoekstra, Darrell Issa, Duncan Hunter -- and a hell of a lot more. Hell, if you have any guesses as to who got some escort action, let us know. As you can see here, you got a lot of options.

According to Silverstein, by the way, there are pictures. Best. Scandal. Ever.

Red Lights On Capitol Hill [Harper's]

Girls! Girls! Girls! [Obsidian Wings]

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