Hookergate: Goss and Foggo

Our compliments to the New York Daily News for being the only paper we know of to lead with the mostly unsourced and speculative (but still totally true) hooker allegations in their Goss story.

CIA Director Porter Goss abruptly resigned yesterday amid allegations that he and a top aide may have attended Watergate poker parties where bribes and prostitutes were provided to a corrupt congressman.

We're glad someone's paying attention to us. It's a bit short on new developments, though it does quote a "senior law enforcement official" as saying the Goss ouster was "all about the Duke Cunningham scandal" (Sy Hersh it ain't, but we're entertained).

Also: If we hear the words "turf war" one more time, we're gonna unexpectedly tender our resignation. Come on, people, you've been handed a gift from the scandal gods here and you're all terrified of it.

Meanwhile, Dusty Foggo, the guy with the best name in this whole scandal until Brent "Nine Fingers" Bassett showed up, is this close to (say it with us) unexpectedly tendering his resignation. Under investigation by everyone! Close, personal friend of Brent Wilkes! Attended the "poker" parties! Inexplicably promoted by Porter Goss! He's everywhere, and he's probably reason number one for Goss' hasty departure. His career as a spook (or spook-manager, anyway) looks to be at an end. But we're sure Dusty Foggo will be just fine falling back on what we're assuming, based on his name, was his previous job, Italian vaudeville comedian.

CIA Boss Goss is Cooked [NYDN]


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