Hooray, Fraud Everywhere Envelops Looming Wisconsin Recall Elections!


Wisconsin's critical elections to recall six Republican legislators and regain control of the state senate take place next week on August 9, which means it is time for the privately-funded organisms of Terror and Death to hurl into action with all their vote-inhibiting might. We have pictured here an actual Voter Deception mailer blingee courtesy of the Koch Brothers front-group Americans For Prosperity, who werecaught sending out these "save the date" invitations to potential voters with, hoh boy, THE WRONG DATE!

The election is on August 9th, meaning that voters mailing in their absentee ballots "before August 11th" will be Sad Losers. Oh also, the "Absentee Ballot Application Processing Center" listed on the mailer where you send your application is just David Koch's asshole. An anonymous Democratic source told Politico that AFP was mailing these things to Democratic voters, although the story does not say how many people got them or how many Democrats got them or really any other kind of journalistic information to indicate the scope of the problem. But why let that ruin the widespread liberal outrage!

Okay fine, here is an AP article with some tidbits:

The mailing, which the group says was sent to about 10,000 voters in the six Republican senators' districts, states that absentee ballots received the Thursday before the election will be counted, which is accurate. But in a section that gives step-by-step instructions, the letter states that ballots received before Aug. 11 by city clerks would be counted.

Americans for Prosperity state director Matt Seaholm said Tuesday that a typo was to blame for the error and he called the complaints over the mailing frivolous.

Yeah, so they're still evil, nobody worry. Anyway, also:

  • The LaCrosse office of the Democratic We Are Wisconsin PAC was mysteriously razed to the ground last weekend. Subtle! Was there a horse head left in front, too?
  • The DNC was also caught making robocalls in Republican districts giving people an election date of August 16 and told to knock this the hell off.
  • Scott Walker put on a humanoid mask and signed a bill to extend jobless benefits by another 13 weeks for unemployed Wisconsin workers, probably with some invisible inky fine print saying that he promises to rescind the bill as soon as the recall elections are over.



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