McCain was tortured hereWith 22% of the Florida precincts reporting, McCain is just ahead of Romney, 34%-31%. Guess who is the world's biggest loser? Ron Paul! But the real loser is Rudy "Nobody Remembers 9/11 No More" Giuliani. He bet everything on Florida, say the teevee people. He spent $30 million here. But then Republicans actually thought for a moment about Rudy, and they all said, "No, no, that is one thing that will never ever be president of anything, not even 9/11." Let's live-blog this one, too. Or "liveblog" it, as they say in Florida.

* What happened to Fred Thompson's supporters, anyway? Oh yeah, he did not really have any.

* Huckabee with 13%. So much for the Man From Hope.

* Even with the Blimp, Ron Paul's at 3%. We actually thought he'd do a bit better here, because it's Florida.

* Romney lost "Orange County," which is in Florida and also many other states, mostly California. But it's the Florida one he needed, because of tonight's election there.

* Why would anyone expect McCain to do well in Miami? Are there a lot of 'Nam veterans there who don't think he's a traitor or whatever? Who do the Cubans like? You can see we've been really watching the backstory of this primary, because it doesn't count.

* Some CNN people are sitting in the Reagan Library in California in front of that fake Air Force One. This is how serious everybody's taking the Florida election.

* Brit Hume is still so depressed about this whole election. He doesn't even seem vaguely excited about his beloved "Hitlery" back in the lead.

* Seems Democratic voters are all excited about voting, so a lot of them show up to vote. And the entire GOP nomination process comes down to four old white guys yelling at each other in the driveway.

* Joe Scarborough: "McCain's platform ... he has promised less jobs, and more wars." (WILD LAUGHTER.)

* Mike Huckabee is still refusing to give up. He says to his small crowd: "I wish I had cooked food for you." Yeah, you maybe could've ordered pizzas or something. Cheap motherfucker.


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