Hooray! Paultards Constructing Gated Paultard City

This lovely hamlet is a blueprint of the first proposed Paulville community, as created on Sim City 2000MyMiniCity, and doesn't it look Free! The Paultard-only "Paulville" is a hasty step to take, since Ron Paul still has an 80% chance of winning the Republican nomination and becoming president for life, again. Maybe it's just a contingency plan, but here is how they describe the project on its website: "The goal of Paulville.org it to establish gated communities containing 100% Ron Paul supporters and or People that live by the ideals of freedom and liberty." Many supporters have latched onto the first considered Paulville, in rural Texas, where they can hide from the Sheeple and elect Ron Paul president of the post office and World of Warcraft for centuries.

"West Texas prospect #1" is a plot of land near Dell City, Texas. Its appeal includes "price, solar and wind generation capabilities, and to many the sub tropical arid climate."

Others, however, are worried that the sub tropical arid climate will interfere with Ethernet connections.

For pornography.

But these things can be dealt with later, and they should each cut a sizable check right now, addressed to "Paulville Grandmother's Basement." Their dumb little houses in Texas will be returned in the mail within a week.

According to MyMiniCity, the model Paulville currently has a population of 245, and it shows the latest activity for past or future homesteaders. It appears at least one original Paulvillian is fed up with the imaginary town's bleak economy (17% unemployment, to be specific) and has exited the Gates of Freedom:

Paulville2008 [MyMiniCity]


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