Wonkette's all growed up! - WonketteIs there a single government staffer doing any work today? According to Craigslist Casual Encounters, the answer is No.

* First, there's this guy who claims to be at the NSA. WARNING TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Besides his genitalia, you can see what appears to be a government-style restroom. Is this really at NSA headquarters? Maybe he just means "no strings attached," but we're hoping this is going on at the National Security Agency.

* Now we go to The Hill, where a 29-year-old male staffer is looking for a "randy" gal to "make this Halloween afternoon explicit," whatever that means.

* If you're a Mormon girl or whatever, you might want to hook up with this other guy on The Hill. He's some kind of weirdo who only wants to kiss you in an elevator or empty committee room. That's his claim, anyway. It's probably code for rape.

* Hot Divorcee on The Hill has been working like crazy this month on what we're guessing is a Democratic campaign, because she's in a good mood. And she's hunting for boys.


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