Wonkette Poop Operative "Max" wrote last night about this very important issue, which maybe has resolved itself by now? "File this one under the 'local' section, but there is an intensely overwhelming stench of sewage all along Connecticut Ave. NW from Cleveland Park to Farragut Square tonight..."

Ooh, a "terrible poop smell" story! Do go on.

My friends and I noticed it at about 10:30 pm in DuPont, and pretty much everyone on the street was covering their noses. It was also a big topic of conversation at Julia's empanadas. It even seeped into the Farragut West Metro station, and my friend from Cleveland Park said he can smell it up there too. It's like when all of New York smelled like maple syrup, but way less awesome and more like Hell split open and splattered poop all over Northwest. Please do some investigative journalism because we all know the Post won't!

Quick somebody go to this Connecticut Ave. NW of which he speaks, and tell us if it still reeks horribly of dung. Jim VandeHei's Pulitzer Prize committee, here we come!


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