Horribly Racist Flyer That No One Can Read Circulating Republican 'Circles'!

This rapidly circulating flyer was seen ON THE DESK OF Bill Sandifer, a Republican South Carolina state representative. Can you see how horribly non-racially transcendent it is already?

Neither can we! But it *allegedly* says up top "Why He'll Lose The Black Vote," and it "shows a crowd of African-American men fleeing from a superimposed image of presidential candidate Barack Obama, who is quoted on the flyer as promising every African-American a job." In other words, black people don't want Barack's sack o' jobs because they don't like working. So every Republican lawmaker in South Carolina is racist, despite what the Main Stream Media says.

Well fuck you, says the little boy to these people and their dumb flyer.

What's This? [FITS News]


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