Hot for Little Rock

Enjoy your famous-for-DC sightings today, little ones, as tomorrow the left half of that spectrum departs for Arkansas, where at least three different events are vying for the title of "Hottest Party in Little Rock" -- a position held until recently by the VFW's Lady's Auxiliary annual back tweezing and bachelor auction. The WP posited a party at "Sticky Fingerz" as the "the" place to be (it might have famous people), but a blog dedicated to the Clinton Library opening crowns a party at the expertly named Nu Bar as the winner (confirmed famous people). Washingtonians, being more impressed with themselves than with anything else, are, of course, jamming the phone lines at the Glover Park Group in order to wrangle an invite to the GPG-Dewey Square party.

This uptick in the GPG-DSG party's Q factor stems from a prominent plug and impressively obscure name dropping (Hi, Mike!) in today's Note. That anyone made it that far down in the thing to realize this is testimony to the powers of "Control-F." As for the party: Well, we're sure that the Note's decision to highlight the event is based on solid reporting and an unbiased consideration of the facts. Also, we hear that Halperin needs a plus one.

The Note [ABC News]


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