Hot GOP Debate Action Starting Around 7 P.M. Eastern

Betty White was the hostess ... - WonketteSince you people were so sad about how we didn't live-blog the Sunday debate with the what's-their-names, the Democratics, here is an announcement regarding tonight's debate which starts in a goddamned hour and we still need to shower and run to the liquor store:

We will be liveblogging, although we may be a few minutes late. Feel free to comment here, in the meantime.

Oh, and why are we liveblogging this GOP debate tonight when we didn't do the Dems on Sunday? Because we are part of the Right Wing Main Stream Media, obviously, and also it was Sunday and they're going to have debates every week for the rest of the year and we are not working on Sunday night unless they're executing Cheney for the American Idol finale or something.

No more tickets for debates [New Hampshire Union Leader]


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