Stolen Elections

Mark Meadows Lied About The Post Office, And Jake Tapper Was Not Having It

It's your Sunday show Rundown!

Donald Trump has done everything he can to grind the gears of the United States Postal Service. But as we have gotten closer to November, Trump and his goons have become more brazen in their desperation to cling to power. So much so, the rest of the media have let go of the latest shiny distraction long enough to help protect a CONSTITUTIONAL pillar of our democracy.

Let's focus on White House chief of staff and friend to at least ONE person of color, Mark Meadows. Appearing on CNN's "State Of The Union," Jake Tapper briefly recapped the situation and asked the most obvious rhetorical question:

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Nancy Pelosi Sees The GOP's Bullsh*t Coming

It's the Sunday show rundown!

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx appeared on CNN's "State Of The Union" this weekend, where she proved House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's lack of confidence in her is merited:

BIRX: I want to be very clear. What we are seeing today is different from March and April. It is extraordinarily widespread.

Now?! Now it's "widespread"?! Before it was, what, just a hiccup? We are all Meryl Streep right now.

Birx also told CNN:

BIRX: I'm going to do what the CDC guidelines have recommended, and certainly the director. If you have high caseload and active community spread, just like we are asking people not to go to bars, not to have household parties, not to create large spreading events, we are asking people to distance learn at this moment, so we can get this epidemic under control.

On Monday, Nancy Pelosi reiterated why she has so little confidence in Birx:

PELOSI: I don't have confidence in anyone who stands there while the president says [swallowing] Lysol is going to cure your virus. You know, it'll kill you, and you won't have the virus anymore.

And so forth.

As you know by now, Pelosi's statements and Birx's slight disagreement with Trump on school reopenings elicited this response:

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GOP Platform ‘B****es Be Crazy’ Sure To Keep Women From Leaving Party In Droves

They're attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and ... Liz Cheney?

The GOP has a woman voter problem. Recent polls show Donald Trump and his Republican stooges losing young women, perhaps permanently. Black women have never had time for their sorry asses, but college-educated white women have started to wise up since Trump took office. Even white working-class women are sneaking a peek at Joe Biden.

So, how does the GOP solve a problem like Maria and several million other women? They're gonna double down and behave like misogynistic assholes! Look, we don't care if they throw this election, so long as they lose big.

Monday, Republican House Rep. Ted Yoho approached Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she was about to enter the Capitol to cast a vote. He called her “disgusting," which is harsh, but maybe she was eating a sloppy sandwich while texting with grease-stained fingers. I hate that. No, it turns out she'd expressed an opinion.

During a campaign event where she literally handed out food to hungry people, Ocasio-Cortez suggested like the radical commie she is that economic conditions might influence crime rates. Whoa, hold off on the quarantine boilermakers, congresswoman! Bartender, heal thyself.

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White House

Trump White House So Mad At Trump White House For Attacking Wise Dr. Fauci, Who Is Very Stupid

Oh no, Peter Navarro has gone ROGUE!

Who gave White House trade adviser Peter Navarro the go-ahead to publish a scathing op-ed about how Dr. Anthony Fauci is wrong about everything? That's a gripping stumper of a mystery with only one suspect: Donald Trump. Oh, let's throw an “allegedly" in there to be on the safe side, but c'mon, it's Donald Trump. Allegedly. But really, it's Trump. Allegedly.

Navarro is a well-documented crank with no medical expertise, but he declared Dr. Fauci a big dummy who's been wrong on everything.

From Navarro's cranky crappy "op-ed" type thing in USA Today:

In late January, when I was making the case on behalf of the president to take down the flights from China, Fauci fought against the president's courageous decision — which might well have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives

USA Today kept this paragraph, which is a lie, but includes a link debunking the libel: Fauci was an early advocate for travel restrictions when it made sense and was more than just reflexive xenophobia.

When I warned in late January in a memo of a possibly deadly pandemic, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was telling the news media not to worry.

Peter Navarro did write a memo. Good for him. Did the fucking president of the United States see it? Dr. Fauci doesn't form coronavirus task forces. That's the president, and Trump didn't bother to do so until February. He also repeatedly downplayed the threat of the virus, even saying at his hate rallies that the media coverage of it was a “Democrat hoax" meant to hurt him.

Of course, this is a lie by omission too. Every time Fauci said not to worry at that moment, he also said things could change at any moment.

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