Hot Tip: Invest All Your Yen In Stable GM Stock

  • A French airliner mysteriously disappeared over the Atlantic on its way back from Brazil. A Lost joke might be inserted here, but it is probably Too Soon. [Guardian]
  • It's official! GM's filing for bankruptcy; it's de-listed from the Dow Jones industrial average; it will have to lay off 21,000 workers and close 40 percent of its dealerships. Things are looking up. [New York Times]
  • Authorities have caught and arrested a man whom they suspect might have killed George Tiller, the abortion doctor who was shot yesterday outside his church in Kansas. [Washington Post]
  • Tim Geithner went to China and gave a speech in which he said, "Chinese financial assets are very safe," a statement that was greeted with "laughter from the audience." [BBC News]
  • Yay it's finally hurricane season, so all you hurricanes out there can finally wear white shoes and seersucker suits. [Miami Herald]
  • Defense Secretary Robert "Bill" Gates says North Korea may do another missile test, who knows, maybe soon, he's not worried. [New York Times]

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