Hottest of the Hot U.S. Sentators

Hotty Hot Hot HotIt's the last day to vote in round two of the "Ultimate Hottest Senator Not Counting Obama" contest! It's down to four: Robert Byrd (D-W. Va.), Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), Evan Byah (D-Ind.) and Joe Biden (D-Del.). Gee, three out of for from the left side of the aisle, eh? And we thought coming out against ass-fucking just made women seem less hot.

Wondering why your favorite Pennsylvania Ave. pin-up didn't make it this far? "Samir" offers analysis, including the observation that:

Sen. Lincoln Chafee appears to have derived his strongest sex appeal from his days at Montana State University’s horseshoeing school. (He didn't have to ever tell us that. But if honesty doesn't breed hotness, then humanity has no hope.)
Humanity has no hope! Yay!

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