House Committee On War Propaganda To Pick At National Scabs

'I was riding hard to meet her when a shot rang out behind' - WonketteIt's bad enough that every single thing the administration has claimed from September 11 onward has been a complete lie, and that they've shamed America with two lost wars and drowned cities and record graft and seething hatred of Family Values. But when the only real Hero of the doomed occupations turned out to be a Bush critic who was literally shot dead by his fellow Army Rangers, a dazed and broken nation decided to focus on snack foods and porn again.

Now Henry Waxman wants the House to investigate Rumsfeld's exposed propaganda machine, specifically the Stalin-esque plots to hide the truth about Pat Tillman's tragic "friendly fire" death and the comic-book bullshit invented about Jessica Lynch's capture. Stop picking at America's scabs, Henry! We don't want to know!

House To Hold Hearings On Tillman, Lynch Cases [AP]


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