Poor John Boehner. Sure, he's technically the speaker of the House, but the teabagger wing of the Republican Party sure never lets him forget that he is not the boss of them. They're always like, "Shut down the government!" and "Impeach Obama!" and "Let's vote to repeal Obamacare again!" And he's always like, "That would be bad for us, you idiots," and "That would be really bad for us, you idiots, but how about a lawsuit?" and "Yup, sounds good, let's have the billionth vote on that!"

Predictably, in response to the president's tyrannical and unprecedented insistence that he's going to make some minor tweaks to immigration policy through executive action, Republicans are demanding that Boehner do something to stop Obama before it's too late, and all those immigrants who are already here in the United States become even more here in the United States. Lucky for them, Boehner's got the perfect plan:

The Republican-led House may vote this week to undo President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration, House Speaker John Boehner told lawmakers Tuesday as he sought to give outraged conservatives an outlet to vent over Obama's move without shutting down the government. [...]

"We're looking at a number of options in terms of how to address this. This is a serious breach of our Constitution," Boehner told reporters. "It's a serious threat to our system of government, and frankly we have limited options and limited ability to deal with it directly."

It really is too bad the Constitution offers no remedy for how to deal with a president who is always breaching the Constitution all the time and breaking all the laws and threatening our entire democracy every other minute. But at least House Republicans will be able to stop the president with this extremely important vote:

The move would be mostly symbolic, since Obama would certainly veto such legislation and the Democratic-led Senate likely wouldn't go along with it. But GOP leaders hope it will assuage Republicans furious about Obama's two-week-old actions to shield some 4 million immigrants in this country illegally from deportation, and grant them work permits.

Oh. Right. So the vote is not that important at all in any meaningful way whatsoever -- except to serve as a sort of primal scream for Republicans who are Just. So. Grrrrr! at the president they need some way to stomp their feet and say Grrrrr! for the congressional record. Which is a really excellent use of their time because there are certainly no more pressing issues for Congress to resolve right now. Like oh, say, avoiding another round of shut-down-palooza, since the federal government will be out of money on Dec. 11, unless Congress maybe decides to do something about that. Naturally, the teabaggers think is the perfect opportunity to force Obama to TAKE IT BACK by holding the country hostage, for America! Boehner knows that's probably not such a good idea, so he's trying to find a way to make them feel a little bit better without actually driving the country over the cliff.

Which is why holding a symbolic vote right now is definitely the best use of everyone's time. Because there's simply nothing more important than allowing House Republicans to send a clear message to the president, in case he hadn't caught it the first thousand times, that they really REALLY but like for reals really do not like him. So there.



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