House Health Care Debate Just A Bunch Of Babies Goin' Nuts


[youtube expand=1]

Good lord. We have been watching this Historic House Health Care Bill Debate Of History all day(-ish), and the House is at least ten times more comical than the Senate. Exhibit 1: Here's a lil' baby that Rep. John Shadegg found, in a trash can outside the pages' dorm. Maddie no likey the lib-libs, no she doesn't! Maddie hatey hatey Pelosi fag-care, IDN'T DAT RIGHT MADDIE, yes it is. Maddie may have just escaped it herself, but does Maddie want free abortions for the other babies? NO SHE DUDN'T. Oy. Consider this an open thread. They will soon debate the *bullshit* Stupak/Catholic Bishops amendment to ensure that no non-aristocrats ever get abortions again, then they will fart all over the GOP alternative plan, then they may vote later tonight. We will provide updates in some form, as they come. [YouTube]


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