House Iraq Vote to Happen in the Middle of the Night With all the Lights Turned Off

Looking forward to hearing about how that House resolution on the Iraq surge will go? Too damn bad, because it's gonna be the ultimate Friday newsdump:

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland is telling members that the vote on the Iraq resolution will be late Friday night, perhaps as late as midnight, but doesn't that mean the result will become final after the evening news cycle?

It sure as hell does! That's the entire point of scheduling anything for Friday nights! House Dems could attach a rider to the resolution calling for the immediate cancellation of LOST and no one would notice 'til Monday, by which point Jessica Simpson will have died under mysterious circumstances, so who's got time for last week's news?

Why would the Dems want to bury the most symbolically important vote the House has taken all year? To shield members from more conservative districts from flack? To embolden the terrorists? We think it's because they're actually going to change the bill at the last minute to legalize mandatory abortions and add a proclamation stating that all our troops are stupid-heads.

What About the Evening News Cycle? [Politico]


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