House Leadership Figurines on Special in Aisle Two

Forgive the serial posts on the same big topic, but one sinister detail just leapt out from the CNN dispatch on the Hammer's day of reckoning, and we had to share it with you:

The indictment accused DeLay of a conspiracy to "knowingly make a political contribution" in violation of Texas law outlawing corporate contributions. It alleged that DeLay's Texans for a Republican Majority political action committee accepted $155,000 from companies, including Sears Roebuck, and placed the money in an account.

That's right . . . including Sears Roebuck. The very same Sears Roebuck behind the Sears American Dream and the Sears Caravan of Caring. The very same Sears Roebuck that, as we reported yesterday, has made the First Lady of the United States a wholly owned subsidiary. All this time, we've been convinced that Wal-Mart is the seat of megaretail evil in our great republic, and in waltzes this Chicago-based purveyor of Dreams and Caring to make the House GOP Leadership its own little version of Sam's Club. And where is Target, the signature blue state megachain? Why, off purchasing itself vanity placement in the New Yorker, of course. Liberal Democratic leaders can't even be bought off by corporate retailers effectively. We guess it's because they've pre-emptively sold themselves out.

DeLay Indicted, to Step Aside as Majority Leader [CNN]


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