House Republicans Finally Try To Take Your Health Insurance Today

House Republicans Finally Try To Take Your Health Insurance Today
  • Now that everybody has forgotten the Tucson Massacre -- when was that, anyhow? -- House Republicans will finally fulfill their destiny today by impotently voting to repeal Health Care Reform. At this very moment, they're "debating" on the House floor, holding up some old Ross Perot and Tea Party charts/signs and getting ready for easy passage of the bill. Why do they hate your health insurance so much? Because they believe in FREEDOM, the Jonathan Franzen novel nobody actually read (except House Republicans, on the first day of Congress this year). And to be fiscally responsible, the GOP Congress simply needs to add another $701 billion to the deficit, by repealing Obamacare. As for the half (or more) of all Americans who have "pre-existing conditions" that would keep them from buying medical coverage under the GOP's repeal of Health Care Reform, isn't it also true that more than half of Americans voted for Barack Obama? Let's see how those people like dying in a pool of their own blood/urine in the halls of an overcrowded emergency room, ha ha. (The House repeal of Health Care Reform will not actually matter at all as the Senate will not do any such thing and Obama would veto it anyway.) [USA Today/ABC News]
  • Chinese President Hu Jintao is in Washington today to survey some of his country's corporate holdings. Hu meets with "American business leaders" to talk about whether they would enjoy being headquartered in Shanghai or being on unemployment for a couple of years in America, before their benefits run out. [Bloomberg]
  • Newt Gingrich also wants the play the fun new game, "Tell Sarah Palin to shut the fuck up." [George Stephanopoulos]

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