House Republicans Have Zero Problem Raising Ceiling On Cash For Oppressing Gays


You know how Republicans are really, really concerned about government spending?Super concerned about it? Like, so concerned that 179 of them voted against emergency relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy?

Don't worry. They managed to scrape together $3 million of your tax dollars to help fight against gay marriage.

From HuffPo:

House Republican leaders have signed on to spend up to $3 million to keep defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court, according to a copy of their newly revised legal contract obtained by The Huffington Post.

House Republican leaders took over the legal defense of DOMA in the spring of 2011, when Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Obama administration would no longer defend it on the grounds that they found it unconstitutional.

Yup. The Obama administration said it wouldn't defend DOMA in court, so the House hired lawyers to do it instead. It's amazing what a group can do, when they have money that is not theirs. To be fair, the contract was originally for $2.75 million, which is a paltry sum to spend in the name of the Lord. The most recent revision was upping the sum, to make sure the lawyers were not slacking.

We know what you are thinking: Can they do that? Turns out, they can — because they said they could!

The revised contract comes on the heels of House Republican leaders inserting language into the rules package for the 113th Congress that authorizes the House legal team to keep paying outside counsel to defend DOMA. The rules package also states that the House legal team continues to "speak for" all House members in its defense of DOMA -- language that infuriated Democrats opposed to the matter.

HA. Suck it, Democrats. You love DOMA because the Republicans said you did. Yes, budget-hawk Republicans, always yelling about teh spendz, making special rules to spend more money. How many of them voted for this?

All but one Republican, Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.), voted to pass the rules package, effectively endorsing the DOMA language.


But a Jones spokesman told The Huffington Post that Jones' opposition wasn't DOMA-related.

Phew! Don't worry, Walter still doesn't like the gays. And neither, House Republicans say, does anyone else. So there.



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