House Repubs Almost As Broke as Majority of Constituents

24 hour Labor Day telecast maybe not best way to help GOP coffers - WonketteThe GOP is totally broke! The NRCC can't raise any money and Reps. Jim Ramstad, Jerry Weller, and Deborah Pryce are all retiring, leaving open seats in dangerously Dem-trending districts (with Tom Davis and at least two others hinting that they're on the way out too). Now House Minority Leader John Boehner is at war with GOP campaign chief Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole (the aging-Jerry Lewis-lookin guy up top there). And all those new freshman Dems the Republicans thought they could safely defeat after a non-Cocktober-themed election season? Turns out those guys all have a bunch of money and no one qualified wants to run against them. So despite the fact that the Democratic Congress is currently polling at a slightly lower approval rate than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, we're stuck with them! Unless!

This could be a "rally the troops" story, encouraging reticent fundraisers to give even more of themselves than they would've otherwise, lest Nancy Pelosi continue her reign of terror. This would help explain the willingness of so many leading House Dems to attach their names to a piece whose basic theme is "these incompetent bastards will be out in the cold for another 3 years at least."

Of course the GOP could also just be continuing to implode in a storm of boy-fucking, whore-fucking, attempted-undercover cop-fucking, and the usual corruption. Which would help explain why Republican governors are trying to wrest control of their whole "brand" from all the unindicted co-conspirators who represent them in our nation's capital. The Republican Governors Association is actually raising a bunch of money, thanks in part to their unconventional "not all being closet homosexuals" strategy (Sonny Perdue calls this the "do what you say you are going to do" campaign).

But there's a decent chance that everything will continue to go to hell for the GOP and we'll end up with 40 Democratic Governors, a 100 seat Dem majority in the House, the continuing supremacy of Harry Reid in the Senate, and President Barry Hussein. And then all our children will have to wear veils on their way to mandatory abortion school.

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