How Cute Was That Deer on the Red Line?!

* "Following, like, seven ludicrously wealthy women (and one token poor high school student being statutorily raped by a Metro bus driver) is not research. Those are anecdotes. Anecdotes from the coddled and immature. Anecdotes from daughters whose mothers don't let their children hang out with black kids (and this is presented as good parenting!) and who buy their daughters trips to the Bahamas when they've had a rough semester because that frat boy didn't call back." [why.i.hate.dc]

* Virginia voters only marginally dislike illegal immigrants (somewhat). [WP]

* "How did the deer get down there in the first place? How did the deer avoid electrocuting itself? How come a deer has an easier time navigating the Metro's inadequate lighting, slippery tiles and punchy crowds than I do?" [Disaffected Scanner Jockey]

* Cheers. [Metrocurean]

* "Because what you most fear in a sports opponent is the extent to which they remind you of the internet." [DCeiver]


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