How Is President Obama Being Un-White Today?


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We are sorry to be the ones to have to tell you this, but not only is Barack Hussein Obama "exotic," but also he is 47 percent negro (because MATH) and some sad crackers in the South and Arizona, the South of the Southwest, have some Feelings about that.

Tell us about your Feelings, sad crackers.

“He’s 47 percent Negro,” 77-year-old Ron Enderle shouted at one point, later telling the Republic that he was “ashamed” to have Obama as Commander-in-Chief.

According to the Republic, at one point critics of Obama sang “Bye Bye Black Sheep” and at least one sign in the crowd read “Impeach the Half-White Muslim.”

Well that is pretty straightforward. The president is very, VERY black. (He is not actually that black. We remember some dumb fucking waah from 2008 where all sorts of people complained the president was not a real the black.)

So those are some ignorant honkeys, doin' as they do. Is there anyone we might expect to not be a dumb fucking Klansman when talking about the president of the United States (or indeed 15 percent of our American brethren and sistren)? Sure, how about "one senator"?

Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin says that a Republican senator called President Barack Obama “exotic” during a closed-door meeting last month.

“I’m not naming any names, but one senator got up from a southern state and said, ‘Well, you’ve got to understand that to my people down here, Obama seems like he’s exotic,’” the Iowa Democrat said. “That he’s just exotic, he doesn’t share our values.”

First, let us list all GOP senators from the South, for funsies!

Lamar Alexander

John Boozman

Richard Burr

Saxby Chambliss

Thad Cochran

John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, if Texas is the South, we are never sure

Lindsey Graham

Johnny Isakson

Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul (Kentucky is definitely "the South," right?)

Marco Rubio

Tim Scott

Jeff Sessions

Richard Shelby

David Vitter

Roger Wicker

God damn, that is a lot of Usual Suspects, of whom we will strike exactly one (1) Tim Scott, because.

And now that we have done that exercise in futility because honestly you know it was ALL OF THEM KATIE, let us remember that it totally never happened, Tom Harkin is obviously full of Lies from the Mouth of Hell, and we will not believe it until there is Youtube, and also even if there were Youtube that would not prove it either, because that is just how proof works.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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