How Long Will Scooter Libby's Unjust Imprisonment Drag On?

Would you like to make money at home by using the life of a man you don't even know as fodder for a cruel wager? Sure, we all would!

Scooter Libby faces between 1.5-3 years in the federal pen for the crime of loving his job too much. A Wonkette operative says the smart money's on 24 months. We won't know until June 5, unfortunately, but trust us, we're sticking by that number.

But where's the bit about making money? Turns out some blog called PERRspectives is having a contest! You just come up with a wacky and poetically just punishment for Scooter, and you might win $100 of Amazon money!

Trust us on the two years, though.

Enter the 'Sentence Scooter' Contest [PERRspectives]


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