How Might Wingnuts Respond To This Charming Story of a 109-Year-Old Daughter of a Slave Voting For Obama?

How Might Wingnuts Respond To This Charming Story of a 109-Year-Old Daughter of a Slave Voting For Obama?

Imagine this: The daughter of an actual American slave lives to see the day when blacks cannot only vote, but can run for -- and win! -- the presidency. Well, it is a true story. Amanda Jones, who is 109 years old and was born in the 1800s to a father born as a slave, proudly voted for Barack Obama and mailed in her ballot. That seems to say something positive about the direction of history and progress of civilization, etc., right? NO U R WRONG BARAK NOBAMA IS RACIST.

First, read this nice story. Then, try to figure out the pinheads who offer the following comments about this nice story of a woman who always voted even though she had to pay "poll taxes" and suffer other indignities just for being black and wanting to vote -- indignities that persisted in her Central Texas town until 1966:

  • And we care cause?
  • Thanks for pointing out that in the second paragraph that she's African American. We would never have guessed that based on the title of the article entitled "Daughter of Slave Votes for Obama."
  • Good for her living to be 109 but honestly I dont understand why this is news. Let Willard Scott announce her on the Todays Show and be done.
  • This is a nice story and reads like an Obama-Biden press release.
  • This is why the A.A.S., [Austin American Statesman] and every other print media, is losing subscribers.
  • bingo james... this isn't news! news would be someone voting for obama - who actually knows what he's done or even what he believes(whether I agree or not). i hate that people vote for him only because...well, everyone knows why.people should pass a competency test to vote! if it's enough to get people lighter sentences, then they should be competent enough to vote. pass the test, then you can punch your vote. REMEMBER..."CHANGE" ISN'T ALWAYS GOOD
  • Please let's talk about the present! None of us alive today is responsible for slavery so quit blaming and punishing us! And you are not entitled a damn thing just because you have ancestors that were slaves! Also it is so equal today that the scale is now leaning the other way, and has been for some time.When foreigners can come to this country, buy convenience stores and make millions, we all can do the same thing. So if you are without, it is your own fault and no one elses. And spreading the wealth is not the American way. It is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!Americans, no matter the color, have so much to lose if Obama becomes President. Too bad some parents didn't teach their children that no one owes them a living!
  • So? Why is this news?
  • Son of poor white family votes for McCain and feels good about it.We are not ready for Socialism! This is America!!!!!!!!The blame game will never solve the problem.
  • Well bless her heart. I glad she is voting as she is exercising her inalienable right to vote for the dunder-head of her choice.Most likely the last time any of us will be.
  • Do they bother to point out how she's voting based on color?
  • Do you ever hear the media printing a story about how happy a black person is because some African tribe sold their ancestor instead of killing them because that's what happened back then.
  • After reading the story about Mrs. Jones I come away thinking that the only reason she is voting Obama is that he is black. Nowhere does she say why other than he is black, why she would vote for such an inexperienced man. She does not talk to the issues. Yet if I said I was voting for someone because he/she was white the headlines would read very differently. I would be a bigot. Talk about double standards.

Daughter of slave votes for Obama [Austin American Statesman]


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