How Much Do You Want This Tasteful License Plate? So Much It's ILLEGAL?


Today is THE DAY,the first day of the new Supreme Court, starring Sonia Sotomayor. The first case is something about how long is too long to wait to call a lawyer after being arrested. Oh! Well! How long is too long for your Wonkette to wait to discuss the excitement that is the thing we just described? Is "forever o'clock" too long? Good! Anyway, here's this comical other case, in which some "Choose Life Illinois, Inc." DEMANDED that the Illinois Supreme Court force the state to sell and manufacture the conspicuously poorly designed license plates pictured right over there.

But guess what? The so-called "supreme" court refused to even hear this case! "The high court on Monday left in place a federal appeals court ruling that state officials were within their rights in trying to keep viewpoints on abortion off of Illinois license plates." It is an affront to a woman's right to SUBLIME POLITICAL ART is what it is.



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