Thursday, May 27: The second Sex and the City movie comes out on Thursday, which is a historic, important, life-changing event probably for no one in the Wonkette universe. But should you actually go see it -- or, better yet, if you ever go to the movies in Chinatown and care to eat an elaborate meal beforehand -- The Source is now offering a three-course pre-event tasting menu for $55 a person. [The Source]

  • Sunday, May 30: Washingtonians are modern, sophisticated people who just love to roast organic pigs in parking lots, for fun, and sometimes for charity. A big, hormone-free, locally grown pig will be roasted this weekend at 3 Bar&Grill and the proceeds from its consumption will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The event also features drink specials, including $3 Bell’s Oberon Ale, $2 Miller Lite and $5 Bacon Bloody Marys, should you need some pork to help you wash down your pork. [3 Bar & Grill]
  • Thursday, May 27: Free cookies anyone? ACKC is doing something special with their cookies, which really only matters because it means free cookies for everyone! On Thursday, from 6:30-8:00PM, they will be offering FREE samples of their chocolate chunk, double chocolate chipotle, hazelnut/chocolate cookie sandwich, and peanut butter & chocolate cookies. Sounds positively delicious. [ACKC]
  • Monday, May 31: There's no better way to thank the troops for their service, as is customary on Memorial Day, than to attend Cafe St. Ex's and Bar Pillar's Memorial Day charity chili cook-off that benefits ... the arts. At the cook-off, Washingtonians will compete against the chefs at Café Saint-Ex and Bar Pilar to see who can make the best chili and the winner will get a Big Fat Prize! The event is from 12-5PM. [Cafe Saint-Ex]
  • Saturday, June 19: Recognizing that block parties are an excellent way to pass an afternoon in DC, Old Ebbitt Grill is hosting their 2nd Annual Block Party on Saturday, June 19. Tickets cost $25 (the price goes up on June 1) and include the opportunity to listen to mediocre bands and not much else as food and booze cost extra. Another option is the $100 VIP ticket that gets you unlimited food and drinks. [2nd Annual Ebbitt Block Party]

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