How Much To See Some Ankle?

* John McCain's remaining staffers aren't sticking around to collect unemployment because they don't believe in government handouts. [Wizbang Politics]

* If you see a bunch of women in burqas hanging around the corner of 11th and K, well, you know. We're not going to tell you how to live your life. [Passport]

* FEMA didn't have any ice last time there was a disaster and since there hasn't been another one, they won't have any ice next time, either. Heckuva job! [The Swamp]

* Al Sharpton only hopped on the "Kill Imus" train because everyone else was doing it. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Some things the President might consider now that he's hit rock bottom. Kidding, but on the square of course. Oh, and God bless America. [IMAO]

* We have to say that we've never really been afraid of Hillary, per se, but this shit is starting to get a little scary. What dynasty will you vote for?[Election Central]

* UN "peacekeepers" hit by "bomb" in "Lebanon." [LGF]

* "McCain won't tap wife's assets"... only winners get to do that. [RedState]


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