How Personal Tragedy Inspired Me To Lead Diversity And Inclusion At Papa John’s. Tabs, Tues., Feb. 18, 2020


The Weinstein Trial and the Myth of the Perfect Victim (New Yorker)

Grifty Jeb! pal got soooooo many millions of nonprofit domestic abuse shelter dollars. — Tampa Bay Times

The witches of Manitou Springs are freaaaaaaking ouuuuut Focus on the Family. Thank you witches. (Colorado Sun)

This free black lady's novel and the myth of equality-minded northern abolitionists (NPR)

Be furious: Charging prisoners to read. (USA Today)

The Navy is not doing awesome at caring for sailors with PTSD. — ProPublica

My dad told me about this meeting of angry judges, he is very excited. I am sure they will tell Bill Barr YOU STOP THAT and then he will stop that. (USA Today)

Democrats, DON'T LET TRUMP OFF THE HOOK. (Washington Post)

WaPo book review says this Deutsche Bank book is a ripping yarn or whatever.

I think Scott Stedman is ripping his hair out.

This is a hell of a tab, open it for later and read about the 261 lunatics of Harper's Ferry, being fucking lunatics. As far as I know Scott Stedman's not mad about it. — WaPo

David Dayen has THOUGHTS on Mike Bloomberg at The American Prospect. As with anything that shits on Bloomberg, I agree.

Paul Krugman is SALTY about Bloomberg and Buttigieg and the redlining nonsense and the debt panic. (New York Times)

New York mag says Obama is going to be a neutral fair judge man if it's a brokered convention, at slightly longer length than is necessary. (Obama and New York mag maybe don't know that among the younger non-Dems, Obama is actually not held in esteem! Oh well.)

Climate change is killing the bees. (NYT)

The End of Australia As We Know It — NYT

Well, good. Jeff Bezos just made one of the largest charitable gifts ever (it's to combat climate change). — Vox

OLD TAB! I enjoyed Midsommar! I think I will read the filmmakers explaining it to see if they are right or not! (LA Times)

Helen Rosner shows you how to make Roberto, a soup. (New Yorker)

I don't have any nice times or videos or musics today, so you guys, be horrified with me.

Okay bye!

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