It's time to go over the photographic forensic evidence and see if we can settle the burning question of the summer: Is Jenna pregnant or just really fat?

May 31, 2007: The speculation began when these shocking pictures of a muumuu-clad Jenna and puppet star "Elmo" appeared two months ago. At this point, some of Wonkette's commenters speculated she was at about 28 weeks.

june 17 2007 - Wonkette

June 17, 2007: Looking large in another hippie-muumuu deal. But there's more width than gut, we think. Maybe it's the angle. Hey Associated Press, how about a profile shot? Or are you too scared of the government?!

Back, and to the left ... back, and to the left ... back, and to the left - Wonkette

It's a conspiracy. The New York Times just posted nearly the same photo from late June, but with the abdominal evidence mysteriously cropped out.

Same day, different angle. - Wonkette

Same day, different angle: This version of the picture was taken by an AFP photographer -- the AFP is a French news agency, which means it hates America, which means we get to see that she totally looks knocked up here. Also, she's apparently carrying a diaper bag already.

June 28, 2007 - Wonkette

June 28, 2007: Just nine days later, here's a Reuters photo of Jenna in Africa with her mom for some reason. We can't even figure out what she's wearing -- a table cloth, maybe? But she looks plumper in the belly region.

And our most recent photographic evidence:

August 12, 2007 - Wonkette

August 12, 2007: This telephoto Reuters shot was taken up at the Walled Family Compound in Kennebunkport last weekend. That's an unnamed '80s gal on the right, skinny Barbara in the middle, and on the left ... oh my god, what is that, Chris Farley?

That is apparently Jenna Bush. Oh jesus christ they're going to have to have the wedding tomorrow.

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