How Steve King Enjoys His Light Bulb: 'I Screw It in There and Smile'


What the hell was Steve King's speech to CPAC about? All we got from this video and transcript snippet was something about "janitors which were nancy Stasi troops" sneaking around his office at night stealing his "black market light bulbs," so he sent his interns on a rescue mission to get new ones that the gay Nazis were not allowed to molest. So what did you do with the light bulbs then, Steve?

You go right ahead and share, Steve King, you're among friends:

So I got this green bag right here. And I filled it up with the black market light bulbs. And I brought them back to my office here in the Capitol. Whenever I need to put a bulb in the lamp, I reach in this green bag and I screw it in there and smile. A little bit of my liberty back.

Shudder. [TalkingPointsMemo]


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