How Terrorists Become Republican Senate Inner Circle Members

Probably not. - WonketteThose of you who actually had Monday off work likely missed our blockbuster exclusive coverage of the Republican bigshot contributor indicted for sending $152,000 to Al Qaeda terrorist camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It's here; go read it.

Our favorite part of the story is the GOP Terrorist's online C.V., in which he proudly lists the various bigwig moneybag clubs he bought a seat in, such as the White House Business Advisory Committee and (our favorite) the "U.S. National Republican Senate Inner Circle Member for Life." What does it take to join such an exclusive lifelong club?

The answer may surprise you! Well, not really. It costs $15,000. So, $152,000 to keep the "terrorists plotting against us," $15,000 to keep GOP senators jabbering about terrorists, and then you sell your crap software to Homeland Security. Awesome!

Republican Senatorial Inner Circle: Member Benefits [GOP Senators]

NRSC "Inner Circle Member" Indicted On Terror Charges [DSCC]

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