How To Blame Bush/McCain For Your New Great Depression


No Depression.If you own a house, it's now worth negative nothing. If you're a renter, your landlord is probably already in foreclosure and you will soon be homeless. Got some investments, maybe a 401k or whatever? You really don't even want to look. Got one of those fancy jobs with benefits and health care and such? You will soon be unemployed, living in a Hobo Jungle down by the railroad tracks in the darkness on the edge of town. Happy Monday, everybody! But how can you blame this on McCain and his boyfriend George W. Bush?

Lehman Brothers is gone and Merrill Lynch is just the latest loser to be consumed by Bank of America, which will soon be the only bank in America, until it also collapses and citizens are forced to eat their dogs.

The S&P 500 is down more than 20% since October, one of every ten homeowners is either in foreclosure or months behind in payments, and another 100,000 financial industry jobs will be gone by the end of this grim quarter. It's un-American to blame any of this on greedy, dumb Americans -- whether the part-time service worker with $25,000 of credit card debt or the mortgage-securities geniuses who destroyed hallowed Wall Street firms by betting, retardedly, that real estate prices would just keep climbing, forever, and that people would keep making the house payments, despite having less income.

So let's blame it on these assholes:


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